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Association Management

At B.P. Management Services, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take your questions. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.
We provide a variety of services including:


B.P. Management Services Inc. believes that communication is the key factor to successfully managing an association. We believe in keeping residents informed about any events that take place within their community. We strive to provide accurate information, and are always willing to find the right answers when we are presented with a circumstance that requires research. We will review, upon request of the board of directors, municipal ordinance changes for possible impact on the association. As your managing agent, we will attend your board and annual meetings. We'll assemble an information packet and distribute it prior to the meeting date so board members can be thoroughly familiar with all matters at hand.

Team Involvement

An inspection and a thorough analysis of your community for its immediate and future administrative and physical needs are required. These functions, combined with our ability and willingness to work positively with board members, provides assurances that we are focused, with concern and awareness. We are responsible, ethical professionals who will always use common sense and good/honest business practices

Book Keeping

  • Review and establish an accurate bookkeeping system
  • Analysis on accounts payable and receivable with verifications of amounts.
  • Review, analyze and aid in preparing an annual budget.

Monthly Reports

  • Register of assessments
  • Income and expense report
  • General ledger
  • Check register
  • Balance sheet

Assessment Collection

  • Establish a written collection procedure
  • Monthly delinquent report
  • Aggressive follow up of delinquent accounts

Record Keeping

Two-part filing system: Individual unit files and general records


  • Job Work Order System in written form to provide an accurate historical record of maintenance performed.
  • Property Inspection - Maintenance Schedules: Property will be inspected monthly. A final report will be submitted to the board as part of the management report packet.
  • Subcontractor Listing & Coordination: Extensive and continually updated listing and coordination of contractors for normal maintenance/repair and emergency work.
  • Emergency (24 hour) Answering Service to address all emergency calls received after business hours.